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Our customized Search Marketing service helps you reach customers when it matters.

search marketing

An effective Search Marketing campaign delivers high quality leads to your business. We know that a strong strategy will target customers who are actively searching. Therefore, we take an agile approach to the management of your campaign, adjusting when needed, to align with your end goal.

Performance is consistently tracked to show you are getting the best return on investment. And, our team takes it one step further and incorporates website analytics into the decision-making process to optimize your campaign to the fullest.

Our Search Marketing service includes:

  • A wholistic strategy created by Google Ads experts living in Saskatchewan
  • Google Ads account set up
  • Set and management of ad campaigns
  • Customized reporting based on your unique business needs
  • Website user analytics insights
  • Keyword strategy and optimization
  • Budget and bid adjustments
  • Ad copy creation
  • Regular check-ins
  • Optimization when needed to produce the best ROI


Q: How long of a commitment is there?
A: The minimum commitment is six months to allow for Google’s algorithm to gather enough data and to optimize your campaigns accordingly. If you’re looking for a more flexible duration, talk to your Media Advisor about our customized service options.
Q: Are the campaigns only limited to Saskatchewan?
A: No. We can help you advertise to your market and audience regardless of their geographic location. We’re currently running many campaigns outside of the province and internationally.

Q: How do I know if my campaigns are working?
A: Our Google Ads Certified Search Marketing Team has experience on multiple website analytics platforms. We use these platforms to analyze your results and track your return on investment.

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